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From air intake systems and fuel systems to performance chips and shifters, Mild 2 Wild has everything you could possibly to make certain your ride always performs at its optimal level. In addition to giving you access to the highest quality automotive performance gear, our expert technicians can also take care of all your installation needs. Here’s a quick look at what you can find at Mild 2 Wild.

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Want to Enhance your Cars Performance?

From air intake systems and fuel systems to performance chips and shifters. Let’s make certain your ride always performs at its optimal level.




When your goal is to unlock your engine’s full capabilities, performance chips are exactly what you are looking for. Not only do performance chips increase your power and torque, but they also improve MPGs and ensure a smoother ride.

We can help you find performance chips in a variety of styles to meet your exact performance needs, regardless of what kind of car or truck you drive. You can rest assured that when you leave Mild 2 Wild, you’ll be equipped with a high-quality performance chip that delivers maximum results.


When you want to change your vehicle’s sound or simply give it a bit more style, muffler tips are a great option. Plus, mufflers enhance your engine’s ability to get rid of exhaust gasses, making it easier to take in fresh oxygen and generate even more power. There are amazing muffler designs on the market that state and local laws governing sound levels. Let us help you find them and install them.


If you have a passion for speed, you’ll need good brakes that can take everything you throw at it. At Mild 2 Wild, our technicians can help you find the best brakes that not only ensure you stay in control at maximum speeds but also makes getting your speed back down easy and safe.

At the same time, if your vehicle has a great set of rims, take its look to an entirely new level by showing off what is behind them. Brake caliper covers can be customized any way you see fit with your choice of colors and even engraved logos.

If you aren’t sure which brake system will best meet your specific needs, our knowledgeable technicians will help you determine what you need. Once they are in stock, our experts will take care of the installation process to ensure that your driving is both smooth and safe when you leave.


By now you probably know that your vehicle’s cooling system greatly impacts its overall performance. Without it, your engine will constantly overheat and could leave other parts under your hood damaged. At Mild 2 Wild, we have all the components you need to keep your cooling system performing optimally, including air filters.

If you aren’t happy with how your vehicle’s stock air intake system is performing, let us help you find and install a better one. When you choose to replace your stock system, you can expect increased acceleration thanks to the added torque and horsepower. Plus, the added air in your vehicle’s combustion mixture means that your engine will use less fuel to power itself. If you are ready to take your vehicle to an entirely new performance level, our air intake systems can do it.


A dirty air filter slows down air flow and makes your system work way harder than it should keep you cool or warm. At the same time, dirty oil filters make it easy for contaminants to move straight into your vehicle’s engine, causing damage and impacting your fuel economy. In worst case scenarios, a dirty oil filter will become completely blocked, making it impossible for oil to get to your engine. This could result in complete engine failure. This is why we always have air and oil filters stocked. If you aren’t sure how to change them out, we’ll be happy to do it for you.


Not only does your exhaust system free up some of your engine’s power by making it easier and faster for exhaust gasses to escape, but it can also help set your ride apart from all the others on the road. We have access to a large selection of exhaust systems, parts, and accessories that will make your vehicle turn heads, whether because of its enhanced appearance, all-out loud sound, or improved performance.

If you want to enhance your vehicle’s performance, Mild 2 Wild is here to help you do it.




From air intake systems and fuel systems to performance chips and shifters. Let’s make certain your ride always performs at its optimal level.


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